Porsche Build, S340 Elite Build nr.1364 renamed

Since a few days there is an old acquaintance on our assembly table. Namely the S340 purple elite build of a colleague. This wonderful PC is now undergoing a small transformation. Because my colleague is an avid Porsche fanatic (yes, he also has one) we are already moderating a nice PC with some Porsche things, after all it is a Porsche build after all.

For our Porsche build, after a short search, I quickly found some material to get started. Because the front panel looked a bit bald to me, I thought that a Porsche logo should not be missing here. I glued the front panel with a sticker from the Silhouette Cameo 3 and then applied 3 layers of black paint followed by 2 layers of varnish with the following result:

Porsche build
NZXT Porsche Logo 

Now that the front of our Porsche build is starting to look like something, I also wanted to bring something to the side / back of the PC. Something stylish and somewhat daring because you don’t see this side of the PC much. On the side panel I have applied a silhouette of a Porsche with the corresponding letters in the familiar house style. You can enjoy it below:

Porsche build
Gouden Porsche

Now with that I found the build not really successful, some paint here and there ok but I still wanted to go a bit further and make a custom side panel. Not just a side panel but a “Porsche side panel” in our Porsche build. I cut the 500 * 500 piece of acrylic to size in the shape of the silhouette of a Porsche model and then edited it again with stickers. This of course calls for photos:

Porsche build
Porsche sidepanel
Porsche Build
RGB verlicht zijpaneel

I have also replaced the EVGA GTX 1060 FTW gaming 6GB with a powerful Asus Strix RX580 8GB OC edition. The card is much heavier (weight) due to the immense cooler and shows what “sag” means that it depends on the back. This phenomenon is known by many muds. You can remedy this in different ways. I chose a GPU bracket from “Up here” to support our rather heavy strix 3D card

Porsche Build
GPU Bracket van “UpHere”

Als laatste heb ik ook een klein 5 inch stat screen aangebracht zoals in de “Icecold” mod. De verlichting in de case voorzien door NZXT HUE+ heb ik lichtelijk herschikt om het zijpaneel enigszins deftig te verlichten. Voor meer info verwijs ik graag naar onze “Builds” pagina.

close up rog eye
Sidepanel Porsche

Meer foto’s en een video worden later toegevoegd aan de builds pagina.

Steun Ons!

NxTLvLMods is geen bedrijf maar een paar toegewijde freaks die dagelijks nog werken en na hun uren deze dingen zoals de Porsche Build realiseren. Indien U wenst kan u ons altijd steunen door een donatie te doen .
Dit gaat geheel veilig via de PayPal website. Alvast bedankt!

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