New Build : Matrix Build featuring the Ryzen 3600X

Hey all, we are back with another finished build. The working title was CyberPunk 2077 as a theme but along the way the owner changed his mind, leaving us with no name.
No worries, we came up with another: “Matrix Build”.
This bad boy packs a lot of heat and power, featuring A Ryzen 3600X and an RTX 2080 VGA card.

Bitspower Touchaqua accompanied by the Corsair RGB Vengeance Ram

For the case, we took a Thermaltake P90 and loaded it up with lots of goodies. Here is a list of most of the parts used in the build. Click on the links for more info.

The finished result sitting on the owner’s desk

This build has a full custom water loop done with 14 mm tubing PETG. The 480 mm radiator is cooling down all the heated water in the loop. Average temperatures are around 35 degrees on full load according to the owner. This build will be added to our builds page, as soon as we have more pictures.

In the next phase we are going to modify the case further adding some paintwork and newly formed shell onto the existing case, so stay tuned.
Want a custom build like this? Feel free to contact us.

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