Ncrdible NCase M1 Project

Hey guys, long time no see. As I have been busy with other stuff there has been quite some time since I did a new project. Now the project called “Golden NXT” has been sold, it is time to start a new project for myself.
For quite some time I came into possession of a Ncase M1. In Belgium, they are quite rare so I am happy to have one.
What is NCase ? check this link for more information.
What will happen to it? Well, I think it will be a three-stage project. Building and modding computer takes up a lot of money even if you sell one …

The first stage:
Buying stuff and try to get it to fit in that tiny case.
Which components?
Well, the Ncredible Ncase project will host a Ryzen 7 3700X with 16 GB DDR4 3200 Mhz memory from Gskill. The motherboard will be an Asus ROG strixx X 570-I mini itx.
For the SSD I choose a Samsung EVO plus 512 GB and for now as graphics card a Sapphire R590 solely for budget reasons (remember 3 stages).
The Ryzen 3700X will be cooled at first by a stock cooler from AMD itself. I will be doing some benchmarks just to see how this cooler behaves in “loaded” conditions.

The second stage:
Well after the stock cooler, I will install an AIO liquid cooler and test again what temp and loads the processor can handle. I also will do a review of that liquid cooler.

The third stage:
The third stage will be: installing a full custom made liquid cooling system in that tiny case. A special reservoir for that case is already ordered. Again I will be testing the loop and temps.
So stay tuned for the next stage of cooling evolution 🙂

Small Powerhouse feat. Ryzen 3700X 8 core

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