NxTLvLBuilds : Bacardi V3

We started this build really some years ago with a simple waterloop, actually it was my first hardtube build ever. The owner of this build is a fan of Bacardi. So we wanted something genuine in our case that really you couldn’t deny it was a Bacardi PC. For that purpose we took a real Bacardi bottle and worked it so that is t would hold itself as a reservoir.

  • Processor: I7-7700 K @ 5Ghz
  • Memory: Gskill Trident Z @ 3600 Mhz 32 GB
  • Mainboard: Asus Prime Z270
  • Case: Fully painted with Bacardi Logo’s In Win 909
  • SSD: 1 TB Samsung PRO 950
  • SSD: 2 TB Samsung EVO 970
  • Fiitings: EKWB painted gold
  • Pump: EKWB D5 RGB
  • Waterboard: Barrow waterway for Inwin 909
  • RADS: 1 x 360 EKWB PE + 1 x 240 EKWB PE
  • Special reservoir: Bacardi bottle
  • Reservoir2: EKWB X3 150 ML
  • Specials: Custom stat screen + thermaltake temp meter + custom acryl panels
  • Lights: NZXT
  • Fans: NZXT AER RGB
  • CPU block: EKWB strix block
  • GRAKA: MSI GTX 1080 Seahawk modified with a heatkiller waterblock

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