NxTLvLBuilds: Small Black

This was a build done a year ago but forgot to post it! It was done for a friend and he wanted a llittl powerhouse, that wasn’t to take in a lot of space. It house the best components you can find. Also I integrated a barrow pump/reservoir/rad all into one into the case from SSUPD. The case is living up to it’s expectance, it is solid quality and a dream to build in.

  • AMD Ryzen 3800X
  • ASUS mini itx X570 ROG
  • ASUS RTX 2080 ROG
  • 32GB DDR4 Fury Kingston @3600 Mhz
  • EKWB Vector CPU Block black
  • EKWB block for the 2080 black
  • Barrow all in one cooling (RAD + pump + reservoir)
  • Hard tube fitted
  • SFX 750 watt power supply