New kid case the block

Ow yes, new toys brought to you by Jonsbo. In Europe at the moment hard to get. This case has a 8 inch screen in the front. I snatched a few photos from alieexpres and I’l put them below here.

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Ncrdible NCase M1 Project

Hey guys, long time no see. As I have been busy with other stuff there has been quite some time since I did a new project. Now the project called “Golden NXT” has been sold, it is time to start a new project for myself.
For quite some time I came into possession of a Ncase M1. In Belgium, they are quite rare so I am happy to have one.
What is NCase ? check this link for more information.
What will happen to it? Well, I think it will be a three-stage project. Building and modding computer takes up a lot of money even if you sell one …

The first stage:
Buying stuff and try to get it to fit in that tiny case.
Which components?
Well, the Ncredible Ncase project will host a Ryzen 7 3700X with 16 GB DDR4 3200 Mhz memory from Gskill. The motherboard will be an Asus ROG strixx X 570-I mini itx.
For the SSD I choose a Samsung EVO plus 512 GB and for now as graphics card a Sapphire R590 solely for budget reasons (remember 3 stages).
The Ryzen 3700X will be cooled at first by a stock cooler from AMD itself. I will be doing some benchmarks just to see how this cooler behaves in “loaded” conditions.

The second stage:
Well after the stock cooler, I will install an AIO liquid cooler and test again what temp and loads the processor can handle. I also will do a review of that liquid cooler.

The third stage:
The third stage will be: installing a full custom made liquid cooling system in that tiny case. A special reservoir for that case is already ordered. Again I will be testing the loop and temps.
So stay tuned for the next stage of cooling evolution 🙂

Small Powerhouse feat. Ryzen 3700X 8 core

New Build : Matrix Build featuring the Ryzen 3600X

Hey all, we are back with another finished build. The working title was CyberPunk 2077 as a theme but along the way the owner changed his mind, leaving us with no name.
No worries, we came up with another: “Matrix Build”.
This bad boy packs a lot of heat and power, featuring A Ryzen 3600X and an RTX 2080 VGA card.

Bitspower Touchaqua accompanied by the Corsair RGB Vengeance Ram

For the case, we took a Thermaltake P90 and loaded it up with lots of goodies. Here is a list of most of the parts used in the build. Click on the links for more info.

The finished result sitting on the owner’s desk

This build has a full custom water loop done with 14 mm tubing PETG. The 480 mm radiator is cooling down all the heated water in the loop. Average temperatures are around 35 degrees on full load according to the owner. This build will be added to our builds page, as soon as we have more pictures.

In the next phase we are going to modify the case further adding some paintwork and newly formed shell onto the existing case, so stay tuned.
Want a custom build like this? Feel free to contact us.

Parts arrived today for the new Cyberpunk 2077 Build

It has begun! Today some of the parts arrived for the Cyberpunk 2077 Build. Primary eyecatcher will ofcourse be the Thermaltake Core P90. Other parts are a stunning ROG Strix X570-F Gaming from Asus. The reservoir which will hold over 400 ml of fluids from Bitspower is awesome to look at and EKWB will power the whole loop.
More parts will arrive soon, so stay tuned!

Update Bacardi Build V3 25/11/2018

Lang geleden maar we leven nog, de Bacardi build heeft wat achterstand opgelopen wegens omstandigheden en leveringsproblemen. Maar we hebben wel een beetje voortgedaan. 

Status op 25/11: 

De innercase is gespoten in metallic red, en de buitenbehuizing van de Inwin 909 is ook met design gespoten. Bezig aan de reservoir en de onderplating voor de fans en waar misschien ook de EKWB pomp komt. 

Bacardi Build V3
The “Bat”
Front end (needs some touch up)
bacardi V3
Custom reservoir

Zoals je ziet nog veel werk aan de winkel maar we komen er wel, stay tuned!

Bacardi Build V3 is begonnen!

Hij is terug onze Bacardi Build, de laatste keer dat we er een volledig andere PC van maken, dit volledig in het thema van Bacardi. 

Het doel:
Volledig theme build Bacardi.
Gaan we het halen? Ik zou het op dit moment niet weten. 

Foto’s volgen, ziehier alvast hoe hij er uitzag 🙂

Bacardi Build V2