Porsche Build, S340 Elite Build nr.1364 renamed

Since a few days there is an old acquaintance on our assembly table. Namely the S340 purple elite build of a colleague. This wonderful PC is now undergoing a small transformation. Because my colleague is an avid Porsche fanatic (yes, he also has one) we are already moderating a nice PC with some Porsche things, after all it is a Porsche build after all.

For our Porsche build, after a short search, I quickly found some material to get started. Because the front panel looked a bit bald to me, I thought that a Porsche logo should not be missing here. I glued the front panel with a sticker from the Silhouette Cameo 3 and then applied 3 layers of black paint followed by 2 layers of varnish with the following result:

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