Progression post “The RoG Tower”

Hey all, long time since I posted but I do this only for a hobby so anyway had some time to post, and here it is.
The RoG Tower is nearly finished! Added tons of new things since my last post but I don’t have any decent pictures yet.

What have I done?

  • Added the Barrow 120 mm resevoir
  • Put a RX 580 block from Bykski onto my RX 590
  • Black tubing 14 mm
  • Cut open the front and rear panel and spray painted them with asus typewriting
  • Re-did the whole loop
  • Added an extra ssd on the back of my X570-I

It is still not finished, Next up is some decent lightpanel and some minor touch-ups so we can take some decent pictures.

So stay tuned!

Re-Build: Ncase M1 becomes The Rog Tower

Earlier this month I posted The Ncredible Ncase post. But since then I have been testing and folding at 100 percent CPU and VGA and concluded even with the Coolermaster AIO that for the purpose it will be serving the Ncase is too small.
So out of the blue, a friend of mine asked if I would take his Phanteks Shift X case for modding or building. And away we go…

Phanteks Shift X aka The RoG ToWeR

Like the Ncase M1, The RoG Tower will host the Ryzen 3700X, the Asus Rog motherboard, and so on. But with one exception: The CPU will be liquid-cooled by a joint venture of EKWB and Barrow parts. The radiator will be an 240 mm EKWB one SE type. The temperatures in the Ncase were as high as 71° Celsius, not insanely hot but still too hot for me.
So now the real test will come when everything is placed in the Phanteks Case.

The Asus RoG motherboard X570- I wifi equipped with the Ryzen 3700X

At the moment will are awaiting some goods from our suppliers. Normally next week we will commence building again. The plan is to make some inserts on either side. Spray paint it in the colors of our theme.
Manu from has made us some beautiful custom cables. One for the CPU and one for the 24 pin motherboard. The level of craftmanship just drips from these and to say more, have a look at the pictures. Made in Belgium! original

So stay tuned for more building updates!